What dance techniques and styles are taught at SunDance Studio?


SunDance teaches a variety of dance techniques ranging from folk to modern to 

elements of Latin-American dance to ballet. While each of these styles are taught 

to students during classes, ballet is the base for all dances and the primary 

element of SunDance dance routines for students of all ages. As a children’s 

dance studio, all of Studio’s routines and productions are age-appropriate, 

relatable and understandable to both the student dances and their young 

audience members alike.


What are SunDance Studio classes like?


The complexity of the classes grow in relation to the age of the dancers. Youngest

students start with basic elements, learn about ballet through games, get an 

introduction to stage, rhythm and movement, and can learn up to one entire 

dance during their first year. Older and more advanced students may take regular 

weekly dance classes, add separate ballet classes, take private lessons or 

participate in rehearsals for upcoming performances, and learn as many as dozens 

various routines during their time with Studio SunDance.


What language are classes taught in?


In the beginning, many parents were attracted by an opportunity to have a class

in the Russian language. Studio SunDance instruction is either in Russian or in 

English depending on the group of students initially an opportunity for a Russian 

language and tradition class, ten years later the SunDance family speaks 12 

languages and the language of dance is understood by all.


Do Studio SunDance students participate in competitions?


Yes. Our dancers participates in up to 5 dance competitions each year around 

New England, in Open, Contemporary and Folk categories, and have won 

numerous awards that are proudly displayed in the studio.


What are the Sundance Studio performances like?


Studio SunDance puts on a winter and spring production, each created from 

scratch by a dedicated team of volunteers, with masterfully made stage sets, 

costumes, dance, songs and magical adventures within each performance.   

Tapping into rich Russian culture and themes, the winter production is a favorite 

of Russian-speaking Bostonians looking to share traditions and fond memories of 

their childhood with family and friends, and is performed in Russia.  

The end-of-year Spring performance is a two-act production in English showcasing 

the talents of SunDance students. Performance Studio SunDance  makes it to be 

and unforgettable and unique show with a new theme every year.


Are there are any boys who are students at SunDance?


Yes, both boys and girls are welcome. Boys were among the first students at 

SunDance when it opened its doors 10 year ago, and are part of almost every 

student group.


SunDance performances have amazing costumes - where do you they come from?


Many of the SunDance Studio costumes have been painstakingly created with

great effort and care of Executive Director Irina Pavlova and a professional 

seamstress. With one thousand costumes, totaling almost five thousand garment 

or accessory pieces, the entire Studio SunDance costume wardrobe is a treasured 



Is there an opportunity to try or sit in on a class or visit the studio?


Yes.  For arrangements, please contact Irina Pavlova at 617-838-6832 or  sundanceip@gmail.com